Tuesday, November 20, 2007

…Y en Santiago con tus luces y su noviembre me quemé

Summer heat waves in Santiago, just like anywhere else, mean one thing: cute kids playing in fountains.
Or blasting the crap out of each other with hoses.

More photos of heat wave antics are posted in the Santiago Times photo gallery.

The title of this post, in case you were curious, is from Ismael Serrano's song "Vine del Norte." The song contains an almost excessive number of references to all things Chilean, but I think that anyone who's been lucky enough to spend a slightly drunken night wandering aimlessly around Santiago will be able to relate. Given the sunburn I've managed to develop despite the best efforts of my SPF 55, I thought the quote was appropriate.


Juan K Peña said...

You should Ismael Serrano's song to your entry. It might be cool.

Noel said...

I love the little girl in the plaid shortalls...adorable.
P.S. Plan on a stocking full of SPF 70 sunblock for Christmas!