Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just a quick addendum to my last entry, which dealt, in part, with prejudiced attitudes toward Peruvians in Chile.

I was watching TV the other week when a commercial for a brand of pasta called Chef came on. The ad featured a Peruvian woman in a maid's uniform who said something along the lines of, "In Peru, we eat fish at least three times a week, so I'm an expert at making ceviche. But here (in Chile), they ask me for a lot of pasta." She went on to lament how difficult cooking pasta was for her before the "señora" started buying Chef, whose noodles never stick together in the pot.

I'm still not advanced enough when it comes to blogging to know how to put the video clip itself here, but you can watch the commercial here.

I don't think I was the only one appalled by this ad, because I never saw it on the air again. Despite the fact that many immigrant women in Chile do work as domestic help, what the commercial implied was downright reprehensible: Who better to trust about food than a Peruvian woman, who probably works in your kitchen anyway? I can only imagine what the response would have been if a similar ad had aired in the United States. Not that the media isn't full of prejudice and stereotypes there, too.

I'm completely in favor of immigrants becoming more visible in the Chilean media. I find it impossible to consider this commercial a step forward, though. I wonder what Peruvians living in Chile think.


Kathleen said...

Wow. That is a dumb commercial. Besides the bigotry-- PASTA IS THE EASIEST THING TO MAKE EVER!!!

Leigh said...

i don't know...i made some pasta this morning, and it turned out pretty nasty. i think i'm a special case when it comes to culinary incompetence, though. what's new with you? i see you're working at LE now...

victoria.magyar said...

I remember that commercial! After I saw it, I couldn't remember the brand, but I was outraged by it too.