Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dog lying down = things looking up

Santiago has far exceeded my expectations since I returned yesterday morning. After spending a sun-soaked two weeks with family and friends in Minneapolis, I dreaded going back to the dismal puddle of damp that is Santiago's winter. My dour attitude received a frigid punch of validation when I stepped off the plane and into the jetway...and shivered.

Jetways, I soon learned, can be deceiving. By the time my loaded-down luggage cart and I had made it to the airport parking lot, the day had completely redeemed itself in my eyes. It was sunny and surprisingly warm. Shedding my jacket, I silently apologized to my dear adoptive city for having underestimated it.

Of course, Eden Santiago is not. When I rolled down the car window to more fully luxuriate in the beautiful day, I was greeted with a blast of black exhaust from a passing bus. Still, I was left with the solid impression that spring will soon come to the rescue of this winter-oppressed metropolis. As I was walking to work this morning, I saw a stray dog snoozing in the shadow of a statue. And when stray dogs seek shadow instead of sunlight, you know things are looking up.


Girl.Meets.Chile said...

I definitely feel that spring is springing its way to Chile, yesterday there was much more of a light fluffy warmth to the air combined with blue skies and bits of sun. Fingers crossed it stays that way. It better do for my weddings sake :)

kumichan83 said...

Oh good, hopefully the weather will start getting better by the time I have to go! I am going to be there just one day next month and I hate cold weather.

And black smoke? I have no memory of black smoke in Santiago but in Quito I find myself gasping for air on a regular basis.