Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dirty little secrets

So this city and I have been seeing each other for a while now. In fact, we're coming up on our two-year anniversary of living together. Like any couple, we've been through rough patches, mostly involving dog poop and damp, unrelenting cold. Still, we've managed to work through our difficulties -- and learn quite a bit about each other in the process. Indeed, there a number of things about me that only this city knows. Here are a few:

-I talk to stray dogs. In Spanish, of course.
-I lean back whenever the subway train pulls into the station because I'm afraid a psychopath is going to come and push me onto the tracks.
-Whenever I see a "for rent" sign in a window, I peer inside and imagine how I would decorate the place.
-I secretly wish I had gone to high school in Chile so I could have worn leg warmers over my uniform tights.
-I will go out of my way to walk down any street that is narrow, has cobblestones and is lined with slightly decrepit buildings.
-I would love to be a pokemona for a week. Or longer.
-I feel a burst of self-satisfaction every time I make a purchase in a neighborhood corner store instead of at the supermarket.
-I eat a lot of candy and chips. A lot.
-I'm jealous of the people who work in the Metro because I suspect there's a secret subterranean world that they know about and I don't.
-I'm a sucker for anything sold on a blanket on the sidewalk.
-Sometimes I entertain myself by seeing how many Metro stations I can recite in order.
-I resent brand-new apartment high rises but envy the view from their balconies.
-When walking on the street, I love when a car pulls up blasting reggaeton so I can stomp along to the beat.

Now it's your turn, reader. Fess up.


lydia said...

thats funny. i;m with you on a bunch of those (apartment decorating, blanket sales,etc). ...
but every time i see a school girl i giggle at how those silly leg warmers make her look like she has major kankles.

Leigh said...

i agree that some of them pull it of better than others. still, i admire the way a lot of them take a standard uniform and make it their own by adding crazy accessories.

helen said...

HA i'm so with you on the reggaeton thing, except with all types of music. it's like a little window into someone else's life.

will i see you at thanksgiving, or just at christmas?

Abby said...

i LOVE the pingüinos. whenever i see them i wish i could have gone to a school that required uniforms.

Leigh said...

Helen - Looks like just Christmas for now. If you ate turkey, I would say eat extra turkey for me at Thanksgiving.
Abby - My middle school required uniforms, but I never came close to making them cool like Chilean kids do.

Emily said...

I secretly feel cool because I know my way around parts of Santiago better than my Chilean boyfriend.

And I too like reciting metro stations in order.

noel said...

Aldrich, Bryant, Colfax, Dupont, Emerson, Fremont....

Clare said...

Although I never ate mayo as a child, after living here for years, I LOVE the stuff.

Also.... did you know that the people that work in the metro are not allowed to wear anything with pockets or bring bags of any kind AND have closely monitored bathroom breaks AND the morning shift, at least, gets picked up at their house in the mornings to be brought to work.

Clare said...

Oh yea... I was also here in High School and got to wear the leg warmers and all I have to say is that it gets really old real quick. Like, within 3 days.

Leigh said...

emily - i love it when chileans ask me for directions and i can actually give them.
mom - i do that, too.
clare - i had no idea the metro was so Big Brother. are they afraid of bombs or something like that?

Sara said...

I secretly enjoy dousing eneverything I eat with salt, salt, and more salt.