Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged for this by two people with almost the same name: my college friend Claire and blogger Clare, who tagged all the other Chile bloggers. The idea is to share 25 random things about yourself that you think other people would be interested to know.

I'm tagging...anyone who reads this, especially Vicki and Natalie.

1. I used to eat my vegetables only if they were doused in mustard.
2. The use of past tense in the previous sentence is misleading.
3. In high school, my girlfriends and I predicted tragic love stories for one another. Mine was that I would have a passionate but impossible affair with a professor. I guess there’s always grad school.
4. I’m afraid of dark things underwater, primarily anchors and drains.
5. I don’t like wine.
6. I adore thunderstorms and hate that Santiago hardly ever has them.
7. My completely unbiased opinion is that there is no better place in the world to grow up than Minneapolis.
8. My dream is to take a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I have the “teach yourself” Russian books to prove it!
9. My mom made me sit in a car seat until I was seven.
10. Sometimes I get on random public buses just to see where they go.
11. I start crying pretty much whenever I see someone else cry, even if it’s a complete stranger.
12. I love train tracks, grain elevators, abandoned factories and buildings on the verge of collapse.
13. I’m not a fan of suburbia.
14. I am a fan of White Cheddar Cheez-Its.
15. I will always be a Pink Sleeveless Magic Thunderweasel at heart.
16. I am a hopeless nostalgic.
17. I love having an extremely unusual last name. I don’t think I’ll change it if I get married.
18. Sometimes I think of my life as a movie.
19. My least favorite time of day is when I have to dry my hair.
20. I have incredibly vivid, strange dreams. The other night, I dreamed 500-peso coins had the power to transport a chosen few to a parallel dimension where all truth would be revealed.
21. I’m a synesthete. Meaning the letter S is orangey-yellow and Wednesday is friendly.
22. I look forward all year round to spending the holidays with my extended family.
23. When I was a kid, I would lock myself away for hours and write stories.
24. One of the reasons I recently quit my job is so that I can start doing that again.
25. I am in awe of the people I’m lucky enough to have as family and friends and want those of them who are far away to come visit me NOW.


Safety Captain said...

Re item #9, you will be envious to know that there is now a booster car seat that accommodates children as they grow from 3 feet up to 5 feet 2 inches tall, and from 30 to 120 pounds. No kidding.

Just think of all the buckled-in and sitting-tall junior high schoolers who can now be dropped off at school, at soccer practice, at movies, and at dances sitting happily in their Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster Seat!

This new product makes wanting to ride "shotgun" so yesterday, don't you think??


lydia said...

probably pretty right on about number 7, though i technically spent a larger portion of my childhood in the suburbs, they're not so bad either.

i miss minneapolis like no other. what a great city.