Thursday, April 2, 2009

Book club logistics

It looks like we have enough interested people to get the book club idea off the ground! Those of us who live in or close to Santiago can have monthly meetings (with refreshments, of course), and those who want to participate from afar can read along with us and blog about the book.

So here's my question: How should we go about it?

One way to start would be for us all to get together to look through the books we already have and decide on which one to read. We could then find an inexpensive way to, um, procure copies of that book for everyone.

Another option would be for everyone to contribute suggestions, either in the comments or to the e-mail I've posted in the "About Me" section of this blog, and for me to make an online poll and have everyone do the virtual voting thing. We could then figure out among ourselves how everyone could get a copy of whichever book came out on top.

What do you think? Can anyone think of another way to do this?


lydia said...

weekend retreats in valparaiso ;-) ;-)

just kidding
(but no....seriously)

i'd probably be able to sometimes participate if i found a way to get the book, time, etc. so i'll keep tabs on the voting and what is decided and try to fit in where and when it works.

Mamacita Chilena said...

Hmmm, I don't know..shouldn't the internet be able to do this for us? We could find downloadable books and then watch them?

Finding non-expensive books in Santiago is hard. And I'm kind of against photocopying because of you know, I'm a photographer and I don't like when people steal my stuff and get around copyright issues so I'm sure authors don't appreciate it either. I don't know :(

Abby said...

Hmm...I vote that since you came up with the idea, Leigh, that you should propose maybe 3-4 books and we can vote.

Emily said...

I might go with may get a bit much with people suggesting books that it could get kinda overwhelming.

emilyta said...

this sounds great. and i like the downloadable book idea although it is lame to read books on the compy...anyways im in

Sara said...

Can anyone join this book club? I could really get into that! Anyways, you can email me at sarbk86 (@) hotmail (.) com.