Saturday, April 4, 2009

Window to the world

I have something of an obsession with windows in Santiago. First and foremost, I like looking through them. Even when they're closed, I find that curtains, shutters and stickers can provide a glimpse into the lives of those behind the glass. I also consider windows fascinating in and of themselves because they frame people's view of the outside world.

While wandering around with my camera this afternoon, I came across this particularly eye-catching window in southwestern Santiago Centro's San Eugenio neighborhood:


lydia said...

Hah, gorgeous pic and I like the previous post.

It reminded me of this summer when I tutored a couple times a day for a family in Vina and on my way I would pass a house that always had a little elderly lady watching out the window. I started waving, I bet she wonders why I don't pass by anymore.

Also, I'm one of those people with sidewalk level windows. We've got it covered because people are actually kinda creepy, some, like you are just curious, but others are less innocent like that. recently I've started to wonder if It might be possible to have some sort of 2 way mirror thing where I could see out but people couldn't look in, you know. I hit it from the other side of the coin, as I hear every footstep, a bit of every phone conversation, etc... Sometimes I recognize the voice from someone I know. Othertimes when people walk by speaking English, I wonder who they are and where they're from.

Leigh said...

What about gauzy curtains? At least during the day, they let you see out and prevent people from seeing in.