Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jesus on rye

Remember Navy Jesus One? If so, it may interest you to know that I've finally learned what they sell: sandwiches and salads.

That's right. It's a deli called Navy Jesus One. Oh, and they deliver. Perhaps the placing of an order would sound something like this:

"Hello, I'd like to place an order for delivery."
"Which sandwich would you like?"
"The navy Jesus one."

Mystery solved. But a new question arises: Are the sandwiches made with Communion wafers?

I find it amazing how many businesses here in Chile choose to christen (no pun intended) themselves with incorrect or just plain strange English. The name Navy Jesus One is so delightfully ridiculous that I suspect logic was hardly a concern for whoever thought it up. But you would think someone would check with a native English speaker -- and believe me, they're not hard to find in Santiago -- before naming their clothing store chain Fashion's Park or investing in a fluorescent sign proclaiming "Nigth Club." I know I would consult with a native Spanish speaker before printing a Spanish menu or opening a business with a Spanish name. That way, I would be sure to avoid the fate of the U.S. Mexican restaurant Vicki wrote about in the comments of my Navy Jesus One post.


Margaret said...

Hmmm... Navy Jesus One... gotta admit, it DOES have a ring to it!

Sara said...

Reminds me of the salon I see walking up from Portugal on Santa Isabel. It's called Stylo's Vip's. Yes... you saw that. They used two apostrohpe s´s. Maybe it looks more foreign that way?

Margaret said...

I'm trying to translate that back into Spanish to figure out what in the world they thought they were trying to say and it just boggles my mind! Especially considering that Vip "should" be an adjective here,m should't it? (considering that Spanish adjectives go after the noun). Are we talking about VIPS that belong to Stylo or Stylos that belong to Vip?

Leigh said...

Yeah, I can't figure that one out either. It might be like those guys who yell out all the random English words they know when a gringa passes, except with this it's like yelling out a bunch of random punctuation on a sign.