Thursday, July 30, 2009

Disease for sale

Way back when, I blogged about a guy who tried to sell me a pair of very possibly used underwear near Estacion Mapocho. Today, I came across a set of similarly attractive products lined up on a street vendor's blanket: dented, dirty and very possibly used surgical masks.

Damn. It being the end of the month and all, I can't afford a pair of men's briefs and a filthy swine flu mask. Any thoughts on which I should choose? I'm going to go sleep on it now.


Abby said...

Two things:
2. You crack me up.

Annie said...

Eeek! Who could argue with such quality merchandise?

In a pinch, maybe go for the briefs--you could always cut them up into a mask...

BLECH...that's just wrong. Amusingly, I was sent back to England with a (clean, new, sparkling) surgical mask. Just in case!

Margaret said...

I'm with Abby-
But of course, we live in a place where you can find almost anything on sale curbside- from old doll heads to a single shoe, so why not untidy whities and "scourgical" masks?