Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The title says it all! I hope this new decade gets off to a wonderful start for all of you, wherever in the world you may be. I've enjoyed sharing this past year with you, both those I've met in person and those I've gotten to know through your posts and comments.

My new year's blog resolutions: blog more and be less flakey when it comes to comments. A lot of you have left me kind, funny and insightful comments I haven't been able to respond to. Please know that it's not because I don't read or care about readers' comments: todo lo contrario. It's just that my full-time job, part-time studies and array of side projects have made it difficult for me to find time to blog for the past few months. The good news is that after just a few more edits, I'll be able to e-mail off my last paper for school, so I should be starting the new year with considerably less stress and considerably more time. So get ready: lengthier and more frequent navel gazing coming soon!

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