Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The price of "culture"

I took a trip this week (more on that soon), so I was a few days late in returning some library books. At the University of Chile, I would have been summarily executed, but luckily, I only had to deal with the Biblioteca de Santiago and their 100-peso-per-day fine this time around. After relinquishing a few coins, I was handed this receipt:

Apparently, I had bought myself 600 pesos worth of "CULTURE" (quotation marks included). This could be the perfect catalyst for a culture-as-commodity discussion, but for now, I'm going to limit myself to saying that I found it hilarious.

So watch out, kids. Your taste for "culture" could get you into trouble -- especially if you don't return it to its designated slot on time.

1 comment:

sarabeck said...

Can I buy myself some culture for 600 pesos? It sounds cheap!