Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book launch: Santiago en 100 Palabras 2009-2010

Live in the 56-2? Need a holiday gift for a friend, an enemy, the lady at the fruit stand who always throws in a free clementine, or yourself? Well, get thee to Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral or Metro Baquedano on Tuesday, December 27 from noon onward and snag a FREE copy of Santiago en 100 Palabras: los mejores 100 cuentos V.

Honestly, I would be posting this even if there weren't a bit of shameless self promotion involved. I love Santiago en 100 Palabras. I would pepper spray a crowd, Black Friday style, to get my hands on one of those little books. OK, not really. But I might elbow a little.

I was bummed when the book launch, originally slated for September, was postponed indefinitely. Nevertheless, it looks like something good has come of the delay. Even though I think Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral is pretty neat, I was disappointed back in September when I learned that the distribution of the book would occur exclusively within the building...or at least that seemed to be the plan. It was a departure from previous launches, which had taken place inside subway stations across the city. I loved these subway launches because they seemed to epitomize what Santiago en 100 Palabras has always been about: demonstrating that there are stories everywhere, not just within the confines of the spaces and institutions where we traditionally look for them. Obviously, making people go to a spiffy new cultural center to get the book would have been to completely miss the point. Perhaps the contest organizers came to the same conclusion over the past few months -- or, more realistically, realized it would be next to impossible to get people to go to an event two days after Christmas --because they'll be handing out books at Metro Baquedano now as well. Bien hecho.

So, there you have it. Books on the subway and at GAM. After you grab yours, start writing: December 27 is also the launch date of the next version of the Santiago en 100 Palabras contest!


Kyle said...

I'm so excited, I always love the essays from the contest! Reading them in the metro stations is my favorite thing. I don't always understand or relate to them but I think seeing the different perspectives of Santiago is absolutely fascinating!

Leigh said...

I agree 100%! Are you going to participate this year, chica?

Abby said...

I work right across from the GAM so I am definitely going to go and pick one up! I submitted a story last year but didn't win anything. Is your story the one you posted below? It gave me goosebumps!

Leigh said...

Yay, I'm glad you're going to the launch, Abby! I also think it's awesome you sent in a story. You should publish it on your blog. Are you sending one in this year? I submitted three years in a row, and this is the first time anything has ever come of it, so I guess perseverance pays off...Stick with it! The story I published on the blog is one I sent in that didn't win.

P.S. Rough estimate: How many times have you been tear gassed on the way to/from work in the past few months?

andy said...

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